Lucius 🐍


2D & 3D Artist

The one and only snake from The Garden of Eden retires, and succumbs to a new temptation...Business enquiries welcome! >> [email protected]


The final opening for Gremlin models has closed, as I will hit a 50 grandchild milestone!
After the 30th of October 2022 I will no longer offer Gremlin models. Thank you for your interest and support.

  • Do not redistribute, resell or edit

  • Do not claim my work as yours

  • No refund service

  • Prices are non negotiable

  • Payment plans available monthly

  • I work best with a deadline

  • Business enquiries welcome! >> [email protected]


General EtiquetteCredit must always be given to "Lucius" or "LuciusOfEden" on Social Media posts, Livestreams, Media/Videos and on Credit Panels (Example: Twitch Panels)Lucius retains the right to refuse future commissions from returning clients. Failure to provide credit will result in a blacklisting from requesting future services.You may hear my clients refer to me as "Grandpa", and I ask that you do too! This is to not take away from the actual "Mama/Papa" who make your main model. If I haven't made you a model yet, you can call me Grandpa anyway if you like!Please control and remove rude comments towards my models from yourself or your chat. My models are cute and silly, but I put time and effort into my work. They are not "scuffed", so please do not refer to them as such.Your commission can take up to 1 month to complete. Please be patient and understanding to make sure you give me up to a month from paying your invoice until your deadline.Refunds are not available on works in progress or completed work.
Refunds are available if Lucius is unable to complete
the commission by his own admission.
In the event of Client ceasing VTuber activities and handing their model over to a new creator, you may include the Gremlin model in
the package but do not charge for it.

WELCOME TO GREMLIN HOUSE 🏡A comprehensive list of every gremlin model I have made!


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